Welcome to my learning space

I'll add stuff to this page as I learn new coding techniques, think of it as adding bricks to slowly build a house.

So far, I've learned:

Background source: X


04/10/22: Added margins and padding to the code. Done directly in the CSS file. Not responsive (lol). I got rid of them! (08/10/22)

11/10/22: Changed the background, added two fonts, changed the text color instead of having a white box under it, added some dividers so it begins to look like a real website. Plus, added better padding.

23/10/22: I learned how to move stuff around in a webpage so I added a way back home. Pretty neat!

09/02/23: I'm studying layouts I like and learned how to add a desired width to my CSS using a class on div. So I made this page look a little more tidy than before that way. The content area is now 880px wide.

18/02/23: I changed the font and managed to center things and made a better looking floating menu on the left. I keep having to declare very specific things in the CSS and I dunno if that's the way to go, haha. I mean, hopefully.